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© 2020 by Barriereknuseren Katrine Selvik  

                         IGNITE your FIRE

Hello and welcome.

Have you ever asked yourself what should be your DREAM, your mission in this world, in this life? Why you are here? 

Have you ever felt a sensation that YOU have something special, like a special kind of force?  However,  you have ignored it and carried

on with your life.

When you think about it, have you ever felt that you are playing roles and acting around others, not being who you really are?


If you have NEVER- stop for a second, close your eyes and notice what you are made of.   

If yes- carry on reading.  

You are carrying a hidden gem- your superpower that ONLY you have.  Your special gift that the world needs. 


Why carrying it around, when I can help you UNLEASH your GIFT, and empower you to show the world who you are? 

Then, and only then, YOU will live an authentic life, full of energy, self-confidence, creativity and joy. 

Why not make the most of YOUR life- right here and right NOW!


" All humans walking this earth have unique gifts that the world needs"

I inspire and empower you to IGNITE your FIRE and show who you are

The Barrierebreaker

Katrine Selvik