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                         IGNITE your FIRE

A tiny taste of my story

Hi I am Katrine Selvik. I have always had a passion for people, our differences and unique gifts and abilities. I discovered in an early age, what can happen to us when we are not seen, included and accepted for who we are. So I decided to make this a project and travelled the world as a curious and adventurous 19 year old. This was to be the first journey of many, to discover who people really are.

In my International Business career, I interacted closely with people from different cultures, and my mission became even more apparent and fulfilling during my years in Australia and Argentina. I experienced “hands-on” the many barrieres that so easily could put an end to greater understanding, communication, cooperation, negotiation and innovation among people. 

Culture and language are always additional barriers to cooperation and communication.


However, the simple fact that people are different, with different views of the world, thinking and learning styles, create more challenges than we are aware of. This is why I have a passion for working with teams and managers. To create awareness and empower then to unleash their FULL potential and take advantage of their unique differences. 

I have a Bachelor degree from Australia and Argentina in International Business, with focus areas; Management and Spanish.

I am a certified Business & Life Coach and I am an international NLP Trainer and Consultant, certified from NLPU with a clear vision, passion and mission. I am training people how to become professional coaches with a close cooperation with one of Norways most prestigious coaching schools, Ålreit Institute.

I believe all knowledge is fully integrated and here "to stay", when it is in our MUSCLE.


Therefor, I work with focus on how to use our brilliant mind together with our wise body.


Simply said: your mind creates your thoughts, influencing your emotions, your actions and possibilities.Your body creates emotions, influencing your thoughts, your actions and possibilities. 


I am a certified YOGA instructor with focus on BREATH, PRESENCE and BODY.

I am a certified ZUMBA instructor with focus on FUN, MOVEMENT and MUSIC 


My passion as a Trainer & Consultant can be described with simplicity:


CONNECTION - to connect with people to discover their story, abilities and personalities. To connect and grow and become part of something bigger.


RECEIVING & SHARING to receive new insights and knowledge from people. Enriching my life and the connection between people. Sharing so others can grow.

EXPANSION - to make thoughts, feelings, smiles and abilities bigger. Expand beyond the unknown to discover something new, something that takes you and people around you forward. Excel performance, thoughts dreams and fires.

ACCEPTANCE - to value and appreciate all human beings as equals.


PLAYFUL to be yourself and let the spontaneous energy and creativity of playfulness emerge and create environments and communities of fun.